The Loan Process

Get Pre-Approved

  • We offer you three choices to start the loan process: apply online, by phone, or in person.
  • Once we have received your loan information, your DSLD Mortgage Loan Originator will contact you within one business day to verify your information.
  • At this time, they will also request the following documentation required for pre-approval: 2 most recent pay stubs, 2 most recent bank statements, 2 years most recent W-2s. (For self-employed applicants, your last 2 years tax returns are needed as well. 

Review Your Loan Options

  • Once pre-approved, your Mortgage Loan Originator will contact you to review your loan information, and work with you to understand your specific needs and individual circumstances in order to recommend the optimal financing options for you.
  • Your Mortgage Loan Originator will also provide you with required loan disclosure documents to sign. This will allow the loan process to begin.

Finalize Your Loan Information

  • Your loan will then be submitted to a Mortgage Loan Underwriter for review.
  • Upon completion of review, your Mortgage Loan Originator and assigned Loan Processor will request any additional required documentation from you. They will also need to verify that your loan information is still accurate (i.e. job changes, address changes, etc).
  • Once a decision is made, your Mortgage Loan Originator will notify you of your loan approval and work with you in preparation for closing.

Prepare for Closing

  • Your Mortgage Team, made up of your Mortgage Loan Originator and Loan Processor, will coordinate with your Title Company to schedule a firm closing date and time for you.
  • Your Mortgage Team will also coordinate with your Title Company to ensure all of your loan documents are accurate and ready. At closing, the Notary at the Title Company will explain all of the documents and answer any questions. 


  • You have now closed on your new home. Welcome Home! Should you have questions about what happens after closing, please do not hesitate to contact your Mortgage Loan Originator. As always we are here to help.

Your dream. Our goal.

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