Morgan in Hunter's Ridge

"Thank you guys for everything! We appreciate the one on one time and attention to detail from you guys. Thanks for making our 1st home buying experience a good one!"

The Cadet Family in Brentwood

"OMG, OMG. How should I start? This is my second home from DSLD. Evelyn made everything so smooth and easy for the family. Nell was so attentive to details. I just love the quality of DSLD homes. We moved from Pelican Bay to Brentwood, which is a mouth watering community. Thanks to all the team. Oh Lord, how could I forget about Kolby G? He made the process so smooth. 

Nadine in Pelican Bay

"The process was longer than expected but worth the wait. Evelyn and Phillip were awesome! They both work really hard at getting my loan approved with RD. Phillip kept me posted with the progress of the house as it was being built. Overall, DSLD has a good team, and they built me a good house!"

The Rock Family in Pelican Bay

"DSLD has been absolutely wonderful to work with all around! From the initial phone call, to the loan process, to the closing has been a great process. Thanks so much for everything!"

Dalana in Meadow Oaks

"Honi made this home buying experience so smooth and easy! She was very informative and communication flowed effortlessly. I would definitely recommend her! Thank you Honi!"

The Fields Family

"We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives. Evelyn and Phillip were great and answered any and every thing we needed."

The Ubas Family in Pelican Bay

"Very excited about our new home. It was an awesome experience working with all DSLD employees."

The Singleton Family in Pelican Bay

"From the very start of our home buying process, it has been a blessing to work with so many kind, helpful people. Everyone was knowledgable and eager to answer any questions, no matter how small. The process did not take long, and the results were amazing. We thank everyone who was involved in our home buying process. I will not call out names because I dont wan't to leave anyone out. So, God bless and thank you all for your generous support!"

Cathrilla in Brentwood

"Throughout my mortgage journey, Mrs. Evelyn Maher has been an excellent tutor in providing the necessary framework required to purchase a home. She was very outstanding in answering all questions beyond patience." 

Do in Hickory Creek

"Honi is the bestest!"

Alicia in Hunter's Ridge

"The process was very easy and stress free thanks to Alicia! I'm very happy with how things worked out!"

Jonquel in Pelican Bay

"After working very hard for this, I just want to say thank you Lord for putting me in this position. My mom and dad who have been on my side for my whole life, thank y'all!" 

The Overton Family in Brentwood

"Great experience working with Evelyn."

The Lumetta Family in Pelican Bay

"We are very excited about our new home!"

Johnathan in Pelican Bay

"I appreciate how much Evelyn and her crew worked so hard to make this happen. Raising our child in our new home is very important to us. With that being said, if it wasn't for Jesus Christ, none of this would have happened."

The Ashley Family

"Excited about our 1st new home. DSLD is a great company."

Michael in Hunter's Trace

"DSLD Mortgage was great! Honi and the rest of the group were very patient with us even though we were super busy running all over the place."

Candace Gordon in Hunter's Ridge

"Alicia and Kolby were great! They made this process very easy for us. They communicated very well with us, and they explained everything in detail being that we were first time buyers. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!"

The Butler Family in Pelican Bay

"This experience from the very start until closing we have been treated with the utmost respect, kindness, professionalism and care. Phillip, Evelyn, Steve and Mike were amazing. They made this experience a joy, and we absolutely love our home. The quality and these new members of our family are amazing!!!"

The Williams Family in Brentwood

"We are excited for the move. Property is beautiful. DSLD staff is very personable, professional and thorough. They are clear and concise. Client care and follow-up calls and emails are awesome."

Chris in Pelican Bay

"Very excited to move into my new home. It's been a great journey!"

Erica in Grand Oaks

"There are no words to describe how helpful and attentive Ms. Honi was throughout my entire loan and home buying process. She made it look so easy. I was so comfortable every step of the way. Absolutely the best loan officer i know! Thanks so much Ms. Honi D. I can do this every day with you! :)"

Caleb in Hunter's Ridge

"Honi was the best! DSLD is awesome."

Jameen in Nickens Lake

"We had a great experience during our home buying process! Alicia was very helpful and answered many questions that arose in a timely manner. The entire team was very pleasurable, including the sales agent, Janie. We will definitely recommend DSLD to any of our friends and family looking to buy a home in the future! :)"

Cathy in Nickens Lake

"Working with Alicia and Danielle over the last few months has been a pleasure. Anytime someone wants details of your most private financial business it is uncomfortable. Alicia and Danielle handled these situations with professionalism and compassion. Incredible job ladies!"

Lisa in Brentwood

"This was the first home that I built. I cannot say enough about all of DSLD. They made this process extremely easy and enjoyable. Any concerns we had were addressed and taken care of immediately. Thank you to every one who was involved in this journey with us." 

DesJon in Pelican Bay

"So extremely blessed and thankful to become a home owner. A very enjoyable experience that I'll never forget!"

The Diamond Family in Pelican Bay

"DSLD has truly made building and buying a home a breeze. We love our new home!"

Victor In Hunter's Ridge

"Mrs. Rayette was a blessing to deal with throuh the entire loan process. She made the process of buying our first home easy. It is easy to see how she has obtained all of her DSLD recognition awards. GREAT LADY."

Benson in Hickory Creek

"Honi made the process simple and painless."

The Dampier Family in Pelican Bay

"I'm very pleased with my house from DSLD. It was great working with everybody. They made everything very easy for my wife and me from start to finish."

The Nutter Family in Brentwood

"Our experience with DSLD from the time we started looking at the homes down to the time of closing the deal has been outstanding. Nell has been very supportive with helping pick colors and flooring. Evelyn was outstanding with helping with paperwork on closing the loan. Thanks guys for helping make the deal seamless."

Keione in Pelican Bay

"I'm so happy about my new home!"

Amanda in Pelican Bay

"We are so excited about our new home!"

The Pierre Family in Brentwood

"I must say, the entire process was an ultimate pleasure. Evelyn and Nell were the best. They walked and talked us through the entire process and educated us through our home buying experience. Thank you for everything. We will recommend you to everyone we know."

The Gremillion Family in Brentwood

"We are so excited about our new home. The process was so easy and Mrs. Evelyn and Phillip helped us every step of the way!" 

The Burks Family in Pelican Bay

"There are no words to describe how awesome my very first home buying experience with DSLD was. Everyone was super helpful and kind. I was even motivated when all I could think of was getting bad news. I appreciate every last one of you at DSLD; it's because of you guys that my family is FINALLY HOME!" 

Bianca in Arbor Walk

"Alicia was awesome. I really appreciate her. She was very helpful and I enjoyed working with her. She made me feel at ease with this being my first home purchase."

The Summerlin Family in Paige Place

"Robin and the DSLD team were such a pleasure to work with. Every call was answered with excitement, every fear or anxiety we had was met with reassurance and plenty of patience as we flooded her with questions. Thank you for making our home-buying experience a joy!" 

The Giron Family in Pelican Bay

"We had an amazing experience building a house with DSLD. We enjoyed watching the whole process. They walked us through every step and were so helpful. We are so excited!" 

Nicole Lansdown in Rivers Landing

"Sophia was absolutely wonderful to work with throughout the entire process. I would recommend anyone buying a home to contact Sophia. She was patient, answered all of my questions and provided details and explanations as needed."

The Truong Family in Brentwood

"Evelyn was a great helper with our loan from A-Z. Nell was very friendly and very helpful with our house."

The Hebert Family in Woodland Manor

"Both Bret and Kolby went above and beyond to help us get our mortgage loan. They were always happy and willing to answer any questions we had with a quickness. I would definitely recommend using them for a first time home buying experience! We can't thank them enough!" 

Stacey in Meadow Oaks

"DSLD was wonderful to work with. We are so pleased with our new home. Special thanks to Alicia Lipsmeyer for making this process run as smoothly as it could go. She was helpful and extremely informative. Alicia was always on call for whatever we needed. Special thanks to her for being so great at what she does. We will miss her. :)"

Nick In Pelican Bay

"DSLD made this experience so easy for us! We love our new home and cannot wait to start our lives in it. Nell and Evelyn have been wonderful and a tremendous help throughout this whole process - always going above and beyond! Thank you to the DSLD team!"

Phuong in Brentwood

"Thank you DSLD for the fast work and excellent service. Evelyn is so sweet and very helpful with all of our questions. Thank you again for all of your patience, Evelyn!"

Neely in Sugar Mill Plantation

"Kurt was so very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process. He answered every question in great detail, even the questions I didn't know I had! Thanks making this process fun!"

Jeremy in Pelican Crossing

"DSLD made our first homebuying experience quick and easy! The staff was extremely helpful and always available."

Lionel in Brentwood

"Enjoyed everything about the service. Great help. I would pass them on to anyone I know."

Joycelyn and Tobyus in Brentwood

"So excited about our new home! 1st memory will be all the helpful people during this process."

Kristen in Grand Oaks

"Loved working with DSLD. All of the people are amazing and our home is amazing. I highly recommend DSLD if you are looking for a new home."

The Tran Family in Brentwood

"We are so excited. Thanks for helping us buy a new house. We're very happy to get all the paperwork done today. Looking forward to getting into our new home. Thank you so much!"

Roxanna in Pelican Bay

"I am extremely excited for my first home purchase. Evelyn, Phillip and the whole DSLD team were amazing and extremely helpful. Their plans are gorgeous and I highly recommend."

Briggette in Arbor Walk

"DSLD has been amazing with my first home purchase. Honi (loan originator) was amazing with the process of me buying my first home as a single mom. I knew I was in good hands choosing DSD and Natsha Chatman-Coleman as my realtor. I've really enjoyed working with my team. Thank you guys so much. I love you. Thanks for making me a DSLD Home owner."

The Vu Family in Brentwood

"The staff and everyone that was involved to make this happen was a true blessing! Everyone was so helpful and accommodating; we loved our experience with DSLD. Thank you so much for making everything go smoothly. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a house!"

Liem Trinh in Brentwood

"It has been an awesome experience with DSLD Homes. From beginning to end, everyone was so helpful. It was worth the wait to have the house built from ground up."

Terry and Renee in Paige Place

"Robin Lormand has been amazing during the entire loan process. She was very informative and was always available to answer questions when necessary (at any time of day). I would recommend DSLD to anyone because of Robin Lormand." 

Ralph and Lindsey in St. David's Cove

"Everyone at DSLD Mortgage has made this process as stress free as possible."

The Williams Family in Nickens Lake

"Our process was smooth and painless! Alicia was awesome with corresponding and keeping us well informed each step of the way. This was our first time buying a home and we felt great about it. We love our new home in Nickens Lake! Thanks Alicia!"

Laurie in Arbor Walk

"Very great company to work with. Very fast and efficient. Everyone is so friendly. Any questions I had were answered very quickly. Alicia has been very helpful and kind. I would definitely refer Alicia and the company to anyone."

Kali in Nickens Lake

"We had a wonderful experience working with DSLD! Alicia was so helpful with any questions we had at any time of the day. The process went so smoothly, and the time went by so fast! I would definitely recommend using DSLD and Alicia in the future!"

The Hilton Family in Westwood Crossing

"I have enjoyed my journey to homebuying with DSLD. They were very professional and easy to reach at any time. I highly recommend doing business with DSLD. Thank you for all of your hard work."

The Landry Family in Pelican Bay

"We are so excited to move into our beautiful home! We cannot thank Ms. Evelyn and Ms. Nell enough for such an easy, pleasant experience buying our first home!"

Chris in Arbor Walk

"She was absolutely wonderful. Made the process so much easier. I would recommend her to anyone." 

The Pajeaud Family in Brentwood

"To say this was our first home, the home buying process felt very easy. DSLD has a great team and did everything to make us feel comfortable. Now we have a beautiful forever home. Throughout this home buying process, I truly felt that my family was put first. From the early morning emails to the late night phone calls and texts, any questions I may have had you guys were able and willing to provide me with the necessary information."

Trent in Brentwood

 "Grateful for the effort Evelyn made in getting my loan approved and that her strategy yielded an even lower interest rate than when I originally purchased the home."

Brandon and Reyna in Brentwood

"Excited for our new home!"

Veronica and Edward in Brentwood

"We are so excited about our new house. We has the best experience with DSLD, and we absolutely love Mrs. Nell. She was great, especially with giving us updates and making the process as smooth as possible for us." 

Darion and Aaron in Pelican Bay

"We have had an amazing experience with DSLD. Phillip and Evelyn answered all our questions. They were so helpful."

Carlye in Hunter's Trace

"Great service, loved working with Kary! Couldn't wait to meet her after all her help over my building process! So thankful!" 

Patricia in Hunter's Trace

I'm moving to Baton Rouge from New Orleans. Thanks to Evelyn Maher for making the whole process so easy. She was very understanding and patient with me. Thank you Evelyn." 

Joshua and Brooke in Hunter's Trace

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Evelyn Maher in the purchase of our  DSLD Home. After multiple recommendations, we're thrilled about our decision." 

Howard in Lake Villas

"There are so many positive points to this experience. All parties were all friendly, helpful, professional and transparent. Everything was explained to our satisfaction and benefit. It's been a stress-free and exciting process. We feel that we've gotten a great deal."

Tracee in River's Landing

"This was the best home buying experience I ever had. Everything was easy and well explained. I appreciate the care and effort."

Heidi and Charles in Hidden Farms

"This was our first home together and Alicia was great! We had so many questions about our mortgage and Alicia really put us at ease, and was so patient throughout the entire process. Everyone we interacted with at DSLD Mortgage was professional but also personable. Thanks so much, Alicia!"

The Stringers in Grand Oaks

"I had a very good experience with purchasing a home through DSLD Mortgage. Honi, our loan officer, was very helpful and did a very good job working with us. We just love Honi!"

-The Stringers in Grand Oaks

Omar in Grand Oaks

"When I started the home buying process it was very frustrating until I came across Mrs. Evelyn and DSLD. They were very professional and worked with me through every step of the process. I couldn't have been more pleased with the entire DSLD team. This process was wonderful." 

Ericka in Nickens Lake

"Working with Alicia (Mortgage Loan Originator), Joe (Builder Sales Rep), and Debbie (Loan Processor) has been a great experience. If I had to do it all over I would. Great customer service, great opportunity working with a great team." 

Courtney in Brentwood

"Love DSLD! Everything was easy and simple. Phillip and Mrs. Evelyn walked me through the entire process!"

Paige in Rose Garden

"I love my new home. The company was very easy to work with. They took care of all my needs and went beyond what I expected to get me in before the original date. Great service and great people to work with. Thanks Alicia."

Quinton and Lydia in Woodland Manor

"Ms. Honi and Kolby were the best. They walked us through every step of this process. They were very friendly and helpful just like family. They are a great team and I would refer them to everyone I know. Thank God for Ms. Honi and Kolby!" 

The Valdetero Family in Nickens Lakes

“Everyone at DSLD Mortgage was helpful and friendly. They made sure all my paperwork was done ahead of time so I didn’t have to wait on them for anything. I also really liked being able to sign everything electronically; that was super convenient.”  

Susan in Rose Garden

"Kary and DSLD Mortgage made the home buying process easy!"

Meredith and James in Hunter's Trace

"DSLD Mortgage was a dream to work with. They happily walked us through every step of the home buying process and worked to make sure we got exactly what we wanted."

The Holley Family in Hunter's Trace

"Would like to thank Evelyn and DSLD Mortgage for the outstanding service they gave us. The process was seamless and Evelyn went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. We are very excited for our son to start a new chapter beginning with DSLD."

The Durbic Family in Hidden Farms

"We had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Evelyn. She was helpful and easy to work with! We would recommend her to anyone! She made this experience a breeze!" 

The Danci Family in Hidden Farm

"Happy about owning a new house!" 

Brandy in Arbor Walk

"It was a pleasure working with Evelyn and her team. The process was seamless and they always made themselves available to answer any questions that I had. I highly recommend this company for all your home purchasing needs. My year end is truly going to be one to remember with this huge milestone. Thanks for all that you do!"

The Smith Family in Hidden Farms

"We are so happy and blessed to move into our new home. Thanks so much to Evelyn and the DSLD staff for your help in this. Thanks to all!"

The Segura Family in St. David's Cove

"We had a wonderful experience. Staff was very helpful through the entire process."

The Cabrera Family in Hunters trace

"Kary has been the best! She made the process so much better and easy. We were nervous because it was our first home, but she made the whole thing comfortable for us."

The Chestovich Family in The Reserve at Conway

"Our DSLD Mortgage team was very easy to work with. Always courteous and professional but very personable to us. A big thanks you our DSLD team." 

The Crockett Family in Woodland Manor

"From the start Honi and Kolby displayed excellent customer service. They made sure all our questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner. Outstanding professionalism and dedication that made this process easy and effortless. Thank ya'll so much!"

Brittany in Hunter's Trace

"This by far has been the best experience. Everyone I've come in contact with at DSLD has been nice and very informative. Thanks!"

Hayden in Lake Villas

"Everything was awesome and very easy. I couldn't have asked for more! I would recommend."

Janine in Brentwood

"My experience with DSLD Homes was amazing! The staff I worked with were very professional. I would recommend DSLD to anyone, especially first time buyers."

The Young Family in Browns Crossing

"Beautiful Sophie, thank you for your hard work. You made this process so easy. You and Victoria worked with me to help me and to encourage me through every step of the way. Thank you again!"

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